Geometric Kaleidoscope Adult Coloring Book

Relax, de-stress and have fun coloring these 40-geometric kaleidoscope patterns. 

Geometric Kaleidoscope Patterns coloring book for adults includes designs of varying complexity from beginner to expert. Perfect for unleashing your creative expression if:

  • You love to relax and destress. The variety of pages allows you to relax and create the way you want to. Easy designs provide an outlet for the hands while the mind is free. Complex designs engage your mind in planning your color choices and approach (hence distracting you from other things bogging down your mind). Choose the difficulty based on why and how you want to relax. 
  • You enjoy shapes, swirls and patterns. The coloring pages include abstract geometric designs reminiscent of a kaleidoscope we all enjoyed as children just waiting for you to fill with amazing color combinations. You’ll find a few designs that might remind you of flowers, stars, and plants.
  • You like to use a variety of coloring methods. The single sided pages allow you the freedom to choose your coloring media. 

Geometric Kaleidoscope Patterns also makes a amazing gift for anyone in your life that could use relaxation! 

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