Create a Happy You Adult Coloring Book

Need some you time? Maybe you have a few minutes to relax and unwind? 

Create a Happy You offers empowering designs for you to color in those quiet moments.

Coloring is shown to reduce stress, and we’ve chosen uplifting phrases to help you relax and feel happy while coloring. Some example phrases are:

  • Let your light shine
  • Sometimes it’s ok to eat too much ice cream
  • I am enough
  • I deserve good things
  • Celebrate you
  • Everyone needs a little silly in their life

These phrases are combined with scenes and patterns that complement the feeling behind them.

Create a Happy You also has:

  • Single-sided pages to help with bleed through
  • Easy designs that provide an outlet for the hands while the mind is free.
  • Complex designs engage your mind in planning your color choices and approach (hence distracting you from other things bogging down your mind).
  • Choose the difficulty based on why and how you want to relax.
Create a Happy You makes a great gift for anyone who needs some relax time and positive vibes. Click the Buy Now button and get one for them today – and don’t forget one for you too!

Take a look some of what's inside!

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